Chips, Chocolate, and Wine Oh My!

My thoughts on weight loss and the life of a married working mom

Chips, Chocolate, and Wine Oh My!

I find I am loving the new Weight Watchers plan. It combines the flexibility of Smart Points with the freedom from tracking of Paleo. I loved Paleo because I didn’t have to track. There was a list of foods I could and could not eat and as long as I stuck to those lists I was fine. However, it’s really hard for me to go long-term without sugar, cheese, and pasta/bread. Let’s face it – I didn’t get this large by eating carrot sticks.

However, with Weight Watchers foods are assigned points and as long as I stay within my point limits I can eat anything I want. Now, Weight Watchers has extended its list of 0-point foods to include chicken breast, fish, and plain yogurt along with fruits and vegetables. It’s very much like Paleo but I can also eat a few foods a day off the don’t list as long as I track the points and stay within my range. It’s the best of both worlds!

So yesterday, I had to work a big event at work. When I work events I eat very little. I find it impossible to eat and carry on my responsibilities and its just easer to avoid the heavy hors ‘devours and focus on the task at hand. It’s perfect to avoid unnecessary points but when I got home I was hungry! However, because I had eaten very little during the day I had a ton of points to spend. 

Instead of chowing down on comfort food I made a huge salad. It was satisfying but I then got the munchies. Yet, I still had more than 20 points for the day despite the class of wine at the reception. This meant I COULD eat a small bag of bar-b-que potato chips AND a miniature snickers bar. It was delightful and I was still on plan. I drank a glass of wine, ate potato chips AND a small piece of chocolate and I did not cheat. This was empowering. 

I feel like I can do this, this time around. I’m not waiting to fail again. Everything is coming together and I have found a plan I can live with. We’ll see where this goes. I’m anxious to weigh-in this week to see if tracking every day and staying within points will yield any progress. I’m optimistic.