First 10 pounds

My thoughts on weight loss and the life of a married working mom

First 10 pounds

For the first time since I started on this journey when I stepped on the scale I was 10 pounds lighter than when I started. As I adjusted to my new program I’d cheat or binge on occasion and shot up two or three pounds. It seems like for the last three weeks I kept gaining and losing the same five pounds. In fact, I’ve lost over 20 pounds if you added up all the weight loss from the weight I had regained.

So what does losing 10 pounds mean for me today?

  1. I’m on the right track and my program is working.
  2. I’ve completely revamped the way I look at food and nutrition.
  3. I feel a sense of accomplishment and forward momentum.

Seeing the second digit on the scale go down is encouraging. Just a couple more pounds and it will be a six instead of a 7. I have a long way to go, but my next 10 pounds is just around the corner.

Next goal: I have surgery planned for August 7 and I want to lose 10 more pounds before my surgery for a total of 20 pounds lost. That is completely doable. In fact, I may even be able to lose another 10 but lets set our sites on one goal at a time. After all, there will be a few more bumps in the road between now and then.